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CHERUBS 2015 Year In Review

Thank you all for helping us to accomplish many goals this year!  We look forward to gaining new ground for our cause in 2016!


Cherub Connor with Santa

Now with the holidays basically here, we long to hold our sweet boy even more, dress him in cute Christmas outfits, watch him open his presents from under the tree, and even little things, like taking pictures with “Santa”. This week I was inspired by another picture like this and knew in my heart I had to do it! My husband was very excited too. As parents of an angel, you don’t get to do many “normal parent” things, but this was something we could still do and honor our beautiful son. I won’t lie, it was very emotional and as the tears were streaming down my face, I was so touched by how thoughtful and warm hearted “Santa” and his helpers were. They made this moment even more special for us. Making memories with our son isn’t something I thought we would be able to do after he passed but I was wrong. We include him in our family traditions as much as possible, and speak his name often. We are so proud of him and honoring him in small ways like this, is the least we can do. What an incredible life he served, and the impact he left is still all around us! We love you Connor Michael.

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