2015 CDH Awareness Quilt

As part of our $20 for 20 Fundraiser, we are creating a CDH Awareness Quilt!


CDH Awareness Quilt

As part of our $20 for 20 Fundraiser, we are creating a CDH Awareness Quilt to commemorate CHERUBS 20th Anniversary!

For all of 2016, we will post the photos of cherubs whose loved one donate to "purchase" quilt squares. 

Once we collect 100 photos, all photos included will be printed onto a real, fabric quilt that will be revealed on April 19, 2016 and then displayed at different locations throughout the country.

You may include as many photos of your cherub as you would for $20 donations each.  


Jessica Barry Jayden Gilbert Ally Hensley Evie Hensley Bryson Woodruff
Ian Meats Shane Torrence Tate Napers Braden Holt Brandon Hall
Shane Torrence Shane Torrence Shane Torrence Shane Torrence
Brandon Hall Evie Hensley Ally and Evie Hensley Ally Hensley Aaron Kane Boyd
Kaleigh Marie Myers Elizabeth Kelly Staggs
Aymeric Boivin-Allard Harper Elaine Yucka
Charley Stansfield Maher Casey Carter
Andrew Daniel Castle-Hudson Ian Meats(3)   Alexander Nicholas Seifert 
Annabelle Alexia Medrano Asher Patz
Ava Catherine Ava Elaine and JT Jr. Dickerson
Baby Needham
Braden Holt(2) Brady Collin Passieu(2) Brandon Hall(3)
Brandon Hall(4) Bryson Woodruff(2)
Charley Stanfield-Maher Christian Kime(2)
Claire Elise Connor Michael Gast
Dominic Zimmerman Elle Mackenzie Pirris
Ethan James Whetzel Evelyn Yardley
Hadley Kate Bush Hadley Kate Bush(2)
Isaac Anthony Mejia
Jarred Daniel Deer Jr (JJ) Jayden Scott Gilbert(2)
Kaleigh Marie Myers(2) Kassidy Reed-Pratt Kassidy Reed-Pratt(2) Landon Alaric Hadermann
Levi Neil Hansen Liam Joseph Hawkins(2)
Alissa Lewis
Nakyler Anthony Martinezy Nakyler Anthony Martinez(2) Nathan Daniel Scelfo Nathan Daniel Scelfo(2)
Nathaniel Richard Claes Nicholas Christian
Scarlett Grace Roberson Shane Torrence
Alissa Lewis


After you make a $20 for 20 donation, please mail your photo with your cherub's name included to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    Photos will be posted within 2 business days.







Join the Angel Club and make a monthly or annual donation in honor or in memory of your cherub.

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2017 - News from CHERUBS

2017 Year In Review

Thank you all for helping us to accomplish many goals this year!   Look at what we accomplished together in 2017:


National Children's Memorial Day 2017

Our main web site at http://www.cdhi.org has turned black for National Children's Memorial Day in memory of all the cherubs lost to Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.


2017 CDH Conference

Our 2017 International CHERUBS CDH Conference was a huge success.