Important Information About CHERUBS

Important information about CHERUBS:


Did you know that non-profit funding is the lowest it's been in 6 years?   That means that every charity is scrambling to fund their services, especially this time of year.

So far in 2014, CHERUBS has sent out over 200 totebags, hundreds more information packets, funded conferences and local support meetings, helped 12 families with financial assistance to make it to the hospital, awarded a college scholarship and also funded newsletters, awareness items and many, many other projects that not only help support CDH families directly but also educate the public and fund CDH Research.

We never charge families for our services.  There is never a bill.  There is no membership fee, no costs for the comfort items we ship out or the information packets.  There is no fee to participate in our events and to meet other families.  We are one of the very, very few large (by numbers, not income) charities who does not charge for services.

We help over 5000 families.  Not just once, but repeated and ongoing support for these families.

Our charity does not receive any government or grant funding.  All of services are paid for by donations and fundraisers.  

We have 3 Boards who oversee our charity, work together and make sure that we are doing our very best.   Our charity is independently audited every year.  Our IRS forms and financial statements are ready available on-line at Guidestar and on our web site.  We are a fully transparent charity.  We are a 5-star, Presidential award winning charity that works hard to represent all CDH families with respect, professionalism and real results.

Every penny of your tax-deductible donation is used wisely at CHERUBS.

Click here to make a donation and help CHERUBS help families affected by Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.

Join the Angel Club and make a monthly or annual donation in honor or in memory of your cherub.

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2017 - News from CHERUBS

2017 Year In Review

Thank you all for helping us to accomplish many goals this year!   Look at what we accomplished together in 2017:


National Children's Memorial Day 2017

Our main web site at has turned black for National Children's Memorial Day in memory of all the cherubs lost to Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.


2017 CDH Conference

Our 2017 International CHERUBS CDH Conference was a huge success.