April Ribbons

Join us as we work around the globe to raise awareness for Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Awareness Month!   And take action against CDH on April 19th, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Action Day!!

Below are the name of children and adults born with CDH.   For a $5.00 tax-deductible donation, another ribbon will be placed by your cherub's name. 

The family whose cherub has the most ribbons will be awarded a trophy!

If you would like your cherub's name edited or removed, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  If you'd like your cherub listed, please join the charity for free and become an official member.


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Broderick A
Bethany Taylor Abaurrea
Zoie Katrina Abel
Mitchel Abraham
Myles Joshua Abrahamson
Baby Abrahim
Baby Abramowitz
Jack Antoine Abribat
Zephyr Hyles Abshier
Adeline Acerno
Caleb Joseph Acker
Gabrielle Grace Ackerman
Zeyah Grace Ackerman
Virginia Addison Acord
Mariah Franchesca Acosta
Jaecy Mae Acosta Sedlis
Regina Acuna
Aileen Iris Adame
Joshua Adamigo
Brianna Nicole Adams
Caden Carter Adams
Darrian Earl Adams
Lucas Anthony Adams
Nick Adams
Francesco Adattini
Tarquin Mikhail Adcock
Felicity Elizabeth-Helene Addison
Noah Blake Adkins
Carter Trace Adler
Bilal Adnan
Javin Mathew Afre
Aira Aganan
Alfonso Aguilar
Enrique Jesus Aguilera
Alekzander Aaron Aguirre Carranza
Ruben Luis Aguirre Iv
Ruben Luis Aguirre Iv
Alekzander Aaron Aguirre-Carranza
Alekzander Aaron Aguirre-Carranza
Hawwa Ahmad
Rayhan Ahmad
Stephen James- Jr. Ahrens
Peter J. Aisthorpe
Baby Boy A Ajit
Divaj Ajmani
Bryson Akingbemi
Trevina Elza Akleha
Surabhi Akshay Mulki
Audrey Alaniz
Makayla Anne Albano
Aubrianna Mae Albin
Myles Steven Albin
Lynlee Albrecht
Azaleah Alcocer-Maestes
Sarah Leeann Alderete
Tristan Lee Greyson Alderete
Mackenzie Renee Aldridge
Clint Van Alexander
Corinne Emily Alexander
Hunter James Alexander
Joseph Ray Alexander
Logan Andrew Alexander
Sean Michael Alexander
Sean Micheal Alexander
Mohammed Algheilani
Zain Ali
Gabriella Wesley Alicea
Marin Allan
Aidryel Allen
Brycon Allen
Edward Thomas Allen
Guage Michael Allen
Landen Allen
Lillee Allen
Lucy Elizabeth Allen
Edyn Grace Allinson
Megan Jane Allinson
Beatriz Almeida
Brianna Samantha Almeida Hidalgo
Ryan Alton
Alejandro Aziz Alva
Alejandro Alva
Sofia Yvonne Alvarado-Ruiz
Analisa Amen
Jacob Rodger Amlin
Abigail Grace Ammeraal
Lilo Ammon
Jordan Amodeo
Charlotte Quinn Amundson
Noah Anaya
Monica Maria Anchetta
Baby Anders
Cloudey Rae Anders
Iselin Utigard Andersen
Austin John Robert Anderson
Benjamin James Anderson
Charlie Cash Anderson
Erik Blandford Anderson
Justin Wright Anderson
Katherine Anderson
Kyle Anderson
Madison Eve Anderson
Riven Ryler-Dallas Anderson
Sela Anderson
Seth Derek Anderson
Toven Anderson
Zander Kaige Anderson
Jaime Angela Andino
Brady M Andrade
Addison Andreozzi
Jakob Nelson Andriacchi
Olivia Grace Andridge
Lasse Lupo Ra Andringa
Christain Matthew Andrus- II
Marley Mikka Anema-Blake
Alexandra Tereshchenko Angel
David Valera Angil
Aira Yvonne Bobiles Aniate
Baby Boy Anon
Braiden Shiloh Anthony
Larisa Anique Apodaca
Dale Linden Appleyard
Elinor Mae Aquilina
Teresa Maria Aragon
Sergio Salvador Moreno Arana
Emily G. Archambault
Camille Rosette Archer
Sebastian Lawson Archer
Melissa Archibeque
Harrison Arellano
Isabella Arellano
Twain Arevalo
Amelia Eloy Argo
Hunter Arlidge
Landon Alexander Armstrong
Elizabeth Arnold
Mahalah Theresa Arnold
Laney Arriaga
Nehemiah Isaac Arriola
Anahi Andrea Arroyo
Savanna Arthur
Daniel Alexander Artwohl
Nicolas Ascencio
Niall Christian Ashburner
Samuel Edward Ashby
Sarina Lily Asher
Johnny Eugene Ashley
Kayden Paul Ashmead
Luke Ashner
Archie Ashton
Davis Michael Ashworth
Bryson Timothy Maurice Atkins
Faith Marie Atkins
Derek Paul Atkinson
Desirae Atterberry
Mikaele Aualiitia
Meike Elizabeth Auerswald
Jack Arthur Augustson
Mercedez Kayeanna Austin
Mercedez Kayeanna Austin
Philip Meade Austin
Gianna Theresa Autullo
Leonidas Hocog Aveina
Baby Avelino
Lacey Angel Aviles
Maggie Ainsley Avitan
Tanis Erin Avond
Baby Avraham
Molly Axtell
Reilly Caleb Ayers
Victoria Marie Ayscue
Kaya Taylor Azzopardi
Cayden B
Gavin B
Jerry B
Lewis N.R B
Ryan B
Isabella Rose B.
Baby Baar
Kamden Grayson Babin
Gilbert Baca III
Baby Baca-Asher
Tauryn Bachicha
Ian Matthew Back
Nathan Presley Bacon
Austin Badgley
Zachary Bading
Katja Baeumler
Ciaran Edward Berry Baggett
Ava Bagherian
Zedekiah Christopher Bagwell
Deniz Bahsi
Ines Bahurel
Delancey Tannia Bailes-Hastings
Asjiah-Fate Fate Bailey
Chyanne Bailey
Hannah Owen Bailey
Matthew Benjamin Bailey
Michael J. Bailey
Roslyn Renae Bailey
Samuel Bailey
Scarlett Emilie Bailey
Amariana Bain
Molly Nikole Bain
Alex Jayden Baker
Baby Girl Baker
Colton Baker
Ellie Kate Baker
Joshua Bruce Baker
Joshua F. Baker
Justyce Nahledge Baker
Noah D. Baker
Bradley Dean Bakos
D. Vishva Balaji
Nathan M Balistreri
Baby Boy Ballard
Emma Seraphym Ballard
Jocelyn Kate Ballard
Elizabeth Ballenger
Molly Julia Bamborough
Brayden Michael Bammerlin
Eunice Emily Banda
Isabella Grace Bandy
Natalie E. Bankes
Chloe' Gabrielle Barbee
Kyle James Barbee
Jasmine Barber
Kylee Jean Barber
Nathan Barber
Anthony Joseph Barbieri
Alexander Bardwell
Aiden Barefoot
Landon Timothy Barganier
Adeline Barker
Jasmine Leigh Ann Barker
John Barkley
Edward David Barlow
Alexander Barnes
Ashley Kaitlyn Barnes
Ezrah Barnett
Peighton Darby Ba

News from CHERUBS

CDH Picnic in Peoria, IL, held on 9.16.18

On Sunday, September 16th, CDH International Medical Advisory Board Member, Kristin Aigner, held a CDH family picnic for families in Peoria, IL.  Food and drinks were provided as they celebrated our miracles, whether they are here with us, or watching over us from heaven. 


Featured Cherub: Taylor Jarecki Steffensmeier

Featured cherub of the week is Taylor Jarecki Steffensmeier.  This young woman continues to beat the odds one breath at a time and continues to bring hope to so many CDH families.  She continues to raise CDH Awareness and is an inspiration to so many of our members.  Here is Taylor’s story in her own words: 

I was born with undiagnosed LCDH in 1991 in a small rural hospital. The doctors noticed something was wrong with me right from the start as I entered the world blue. It was too foggy to be life flighted to the nearest NICU which was two hours away so I was taken by ground. Not even 24 hours old my parents had to make the decision to put me on ECMO. At 5 days old I had my first hernia repair surgery while I was still on ECMO. My hole was about quarter size, which doesn’t sound big in an adult but I was a five pound baby with that size of hole. They used a mesh patch. I was able to come off ECMO shortly after my repair.  One month later I broke out of the NICU and got to go home! 


3rd Annual Get Your Shine On Golf Tournament Fundraiser

The 3rd Annual “Get Your Shine On” Golf Tournament was held at The Pointe Golf and Event Center in Elk Point, SD on September 8, 2018.  The tournament is held in honor of Rae Ann Davis, daughter of Sydney and Garrett Davis of Burbank, SD.  Rae Ann lost her fight to CDH shortly after she was born due to a large lack of development of her diaphragm along with limited lung development. 

Get Your Shine On was created to honor her memory and serve as a time for fellowship, support and a chance to raise funds to aid in the research of CDH and to support families that have been affected.  This event has continued to grow over the years and has raised over $34,500 in total, including the $14,500 plus from this year alone. Last year a silent auction was added to the event, which is conducted live at the golf event and posted onto Facebook for those unable to attend.  They had 64 golfers take in the day out on the course and numerous supporters who enjoyed the day from the clubhouse patio. 


Join the Angel Club and make a monthly or annual donation in honor or in memory of your cherub.

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