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Join a prestigious group of philanthropists by becoming a part of the Angel Club.  Click here to sign up.

The following cherubs are being honored with Angel Club Memberships by family and friends.  Each heart beside their name represents 1 person who joined in their honor/memory.


Abigail Faith Redding

Alexander Joseph Nazareth

Alexander Rex Alexander


Ally Hensley


Amanda Kubus


Amber Guevarez


Amelia Michelle Coroy


Anderson Young


Andrew Robert Snyder

Angel Abrams


Annelise Hallinan


Arnold Chleboun


Asher James Steven Prada

Aubrey Anne Borgen

Beatrice Danielle Thurmond


Beckett Francis Bolton

Benjamin Gibson

Blake Smith


Braden Holt


Brady Collin Passieu


Brandon Robert McMahon

Brielle Theresa Santo

Brody Matthew Center


Brooke Angelina Gobiel


Bryson Woodruff


Caleb Christopher Kaprielyan


Camden Ali Kelley Sykes Fletcher

Caroline Benson

Carson Micah Williams

Cassandra Carter



Chelsea Dawn Webb

Christian Clark


Christian Kime

Cole Pittman

Colin James Myer


Colin Matthew Scott Ingham


Connor Michael Gast


Connor Grimes

Cooper Weston


Donovan Gabriel Gorter


Drew Puthuff

Dustin Keegan McPheters

Dylon Jay

Eli Stevenson

Elisha James Bold


Ember Jade Mullins

Emilio Manuel Ruiz


Emily Rose MacKenzie

Emmalynn Rayne Ferreira

Emmerson Kash Barnes

Ethan Millet

Ethan James Whetzel


Evelyn Elizabeth Yardley

Evie Hensley

Faith Josephine Uhden

Gail Craft

Gavin George Connery

Gavin Myer

Gavyn Cilino


Gillian Crane


Hanna Rae Rose Larrison


Hannah Svoboda

Harlan William Monk

Harper Graveman

Hawks J Craig

Hayley Nicole Rissmiller

Hillary Jayne Leipold


Hudson Chandler Smith


Hunter Gabriel Moak


Hunter James Alexander


Jayden Scott Gilbert

Jessica Barry

Jolene Lachance

Jordan VDM

Joshua Levi Campbell


Julia Mary Pizzardi


Julianna Richards

Kaegan Noelle Dampier


Kage Riley Bradshaw


Kaleigh Marie Myers

Karsyn Dana-Winslow Rand

Karter Kash Lusardi

Kayden M Keith

Landon Kelly

Leelu Shea Renollet



Levi Neil Hansen

Liam Devlin

Lily Ann Alexopoulos-Schmitt

Liz Plakholm

Luke Dean Curry


Lucie Henderson


Lucy Jeanne DiBari


Luke Skimmerhorn


Lydia Rose Green

Makenzee Edell Spencer

Makenzie Lynn Slayden

Mason Paul Burton

Maxx Amador


Milton Hammer

Nataly Rodriguez


Nathan Daniel Scelfo

Nathaniel Richard Claes

Nicolas Custodio

  Paisley Grace Mears

Rae Ann Davis

Reilly Wilson

Richard C Englehardt III

Riley Morgan

Rylan Salazar

Salvatore Farace

Scarlett Grace Roberson

Sean Anthony Feaster


Sean Patrick Forney


Shane Torrence


Shania Jo Greener

Shelby Smith


Shelton Earl Evans

Trislyn Annabelle


Vanessa Mary Baldwin


Wyatt Andrew Gill

Wyatt Weston Deal

Zephyr Abshier

 Members also receive discounts on our events, in our store and personalized graphics to help raise CDH Awareness.  Join by clicking her and making a regular donation.

Join the CDH Angel Club

Join the Angel Club and make a monthly or annual donation in honor or in memory of your cherub.

Your membership into the CDH Angel Club brings you discounts on awareness merchandise and event tickets, your cherub's name listed on our web site, annual rewards and much more.  We appreciate every donor and club member and work hard to show that appreciation throughout the year.  Without you, CHERUBS cannot help CDH families.

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CALL TO ACTION: Several charity services have been put on hold due to lack of funding. Donate now to help reinstate important support for families affected by CDH


Join us on Capitol Hill to help raise awareness and research funding on March 28 - 29, 2017.


2017 CDH Conference set for Salt Lake City, Nevada on July 27 - 30th.



CHERUBS presents CDH Research to the American Pediatric Association.  This is the 3rd piece of research that our charity has presented to the medical community so far.

Our urgent goal:

Eliminate Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia in our lifetime

and support those already affected.




"I can't imagine how we could have managed, or even survived the last 20 years without CHERUBS. I have made life long long friends, who in all honesty are in many ways more like family than my blood relations are. Our children, our CHERUBS families are so dear to us, they hold a special place in our hearts, always."- Heidi Forney

"CHERUBS has brought so many loving people into my life. They understand how I feel. They know what it's like to watch your child fight. They're more then just friends, they're family." - Brandy Hawkins

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"We have truly enjoyed being involved in Cherubs over the years. I have been able to attend two conferences where I met wonderful parents of other CDH kids and made lifelong friends. My favorite memories are of the CDH Awareness walks in DC. There is no other group that does so much to advance the cause of CDH kidsand their families."- Mary Abigail Reinhardt

"CHERUBS has been awesome to support us on our CDH journey! Even though we weren't members until long after our first CDH diagnosis, the support we've received since joining has been amazing. We have been able to connect with so many other families and share our successes and grief. We've also been able to offer support to so many other families. Without CHERUBS our CDH world, and the CDH world in general would be a lot darker!" - Josh Hensley

"The same day that we got the diagnosis that Vivienne had CDH I was was doing research online and discovered CHERUBS. A few weeks later we received the care package, with items donated by parents in honor/memory of their children. A lot of that stuff ended up being very useful, but even more than that, just feeling like part of a community of people who understand what you are going through was really great." - Allison Moore


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2017 - News from CHERUBS

2017 Year In Review

Thank you all for helping us to accomplish many goals this year!   Look at what we accomplished together in 2017:


National Children's Memorial Day 2017

Our main web site at http://www.cdhi.org has turned black for National Children's Memorial Day in memory of all the cherubs lost to Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.


2017 CDH Conference

Our 2017 International CHERUBS CDH Conference was a huge success.